The pyrotechnic displays are also known as fireworks and we use fireworks on different occasions. It does not matter if the occasion is New Year night or the wedding of someone, the use of fireworks is vital to express happiness and excitement. There are different types of fireworks that are outdoor fireworks and indoor fireworks. The indoor fireworks are used within the halls and on the stage but the outdoor fireworks can be used anywhere in the outdoors. The fireworks work with fire and give smell as well. The smell stays in the air for a long time and most people use the fireworks on the New Year night. Fireworks are made of explosive materials that contain chemicals in them such as gunpowder.

When the chemicals burn up with the help of fire, a light comes out of the fireworks. The shining light that comes out of the fireworks looks very attractive and amazing to the eyes. The fireworks create a wonderful effect on the environment that everyone praises their beauty and light.  There are different types of fireworks displays and all of them are used for burning and creating beautiful atmospheres. The materials and chemicals that are used for making the fireworks are not good for the ground, soil, and environment but still, people love to use them. The fireworks put a bad effect on the water, air, and have a disruptive impact on the kids. Many kids feel scared when they see the fireworks burning but some kids enjoy them.

There are many uses and disadvantages of fireworks and we all know that high amount of fireworks can be a cause of the fire. It is not good to use the fireworks because they can catch fire within some seconds and it can be very life-threatening for you. People and kids love to use the fireworks because of the beautiful Pyrotechnic Effects. There are different types of fireworks and all of them work with the help of fire. Some fire works are big but some are small. Some fireworks can burn up for a long time because of the big size but the small fireworks burn up for a small time. Fireworks are used for expressing the bliss and joy on the events. Fireworks are useful with the help of fire and fire can catch plastic and wires easily. It can be a cause of burning of public and personal property.