low cost funerals Perth

low cost funerals Perth

Truth be told, funeral expenses are sometimes serious issues, especially when the family is caught up in a financial constraint. Even the most fundamental funeral can cost over $4,000 and if you, as the family of the deceased, want to have a memorable send-off service where you remember your loved one, you might easily spend over $18,000. If you’re faced with the unfortunate occurrence and your pocket is limiting you, you can still do low cost funerals Perth that accommodates your budget and at the same give your dead loved one respectful funeral service. You can also opt for funeral insurance, which can a lifesaver as well. However, if your loved one wasn’t able to afford funeral insurance, there are still ways through which you lower funeral expenses. Below, we look at these ways:

Go for Cremation

To cut down the cost of the funeral, you can rent a casket for the funeral ceremony and decide to have the body of your departed loved one’s body cremated. That can translate up to over 70% reduction in funeral costs. Additionally, it’s a socially responsible way as it preserves space in the cemeteries.

low cost funerals Perth

Lessen death notice expenses

You can opt for a mobile phone and perhaps the deceased’s phonebook to contact relevant people. That way, you’ll be able to keep the death notice in the paper and minimize the details necessary for legal purposes.

Choose a Crematorium or Graveside Service

Hiring a special venue or a hall for the pre-cremation or pre-burial service is usually a huge element of funeral expenses. Moreover, a crematorium funeral or graveside service can create a significant sense of closure and finality.

Print Own Service Sheets

If you have decided to have a service, either in a hired place or in your home, you can still save a lot of money by printing your own service sheets. You can just check with the celebrants and know the order of proceedings and you could either home-print the services sheets or look for a color printing service to do from your file.

Hold Own Memorial Service

Next, rather than hiring a speaker for the ceremony, you could choose to hold the memorial service in your home. If the body will be viewed, the viewing can also happen in your own home. That will help make the mourners more comfortable and reduce funeral expenses to a great deal.

Come up with Own Floral Tribute

Flowers that are arranged professionally represent a fair cost. You can ask people that are attending the funeral for flowers from their gardens. By so doing, you’ll end up saving a huge amount of journey that could otherwise be utilized to buy flowers.  

Choose to Decide to Donate Your Body – For Yourself

If you decide to donate your body to research and science, you could assist in making a huge difference in the lives of numerous other people. The decision is going to help in lowering your funeral expenses. It’s going to also a wise move of clearing it with your family and friends first. They might find it difficult not to have a choice in what happens to your body.

Shop for Casket Online

Purchasing a casket online can save you a lot of money. Shopping only doesn’t only give you the benefit of buying just about everything cheaply but it also helps you acquire caskets at reduced prices. The only additional cost you might want to consider is the shipment or delivery charges.

Organize your own Caring

Friends and family members are always looking out for ways to assist grieving families and food is a common option. If you can coordinate catering for the funeral, it’s highly likely that you will save a good chunk of money.

Funerals don’t need to be expensive. If your budget is down and the deceased member didn’t leave enough behind for spending, you don’t have to struggle. You can choose low cost funerals Perth and save money considerably. The above tips will also help you a lot.