How to clean a bathroom using a bathroom cleaning spray

How to clean a bathroom using a bathroom cleaning spray

I bet the space in your home which you least like cleaning is a toilet. Leaking showers, commodes, bathtubs and fixing the floors take not only a huge effort but also consume time. So here is a tip to keep your toilets cleaner for a long time by regularly using the bathroom cleaning spray. 

Bathroom cleaning spray is a progressive form of the old cleaning liquids which were used to clean toilets. For best results of the bathroom cleaning spray, you need to use it for the whole of your washroom instead of just a specific area. Expel the majority of your accessories from the shower area as well as bath including the body soap bar. Take each and every towel and mat outside the washroom, move all of your things from the shelves and then sprinkle the bathroom cleaning spray all over the area of your toilet. 

 After that, take a piece of clean cloth and rub all the shelves and counters with it. Make sure that there is no space left where you have not dusted. Because the bathroom cleaning spray only functions the best when it is used before a dusting cloth. After that place all your items including the body soap bar to their original places so that there is no mess left in your bathroom.

Apply bathroom cleaning spray to bath and the shower:

Again apply a little amount of bathroom cleaning spray so that you can clean properly. Even if there’s a huge amount of dust and residue on your showerheads, these sprays will be able to remove them off properly. Allow the bathroom cleaning spray to sit for a while on the surface and then before drying clean it out with a piece of cloth. 

Take care of the different type of body soap bar:

Shower the useful bathroom cleaning spray on to the item you want to clean (for example microfiber fabric or a piece of tissue paper) and start cleaning all the towel racks, floor items, shower curtains, blinds, entryway of your washroom, windowsills and each and every corner wall present in the toilet. The proper technique is to start wiping from the top point and then slowly come towards the base, and then move right to left by making sure to properly use the body soap bar. Fill a can with hot water and add the bathroom cleaning spray in it, put it on the floor and wipe off. This will result in making your toilet floor cleaner and more appealing.