Different Types of Flowers for Different Occasions

Different Types of Flowers for Different Occasions

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We require flowers on every occasion and we buy flowers to present them to people that we love to express our myriad feelings. Whether as goodwill or gesture of friendship, flowers do the work entrusted to them so well. Flowers are beautiful and almost everyone loves flowers. It’s common to receive and give flowers on every occasion. However, deciding on the color suitable for the occasion or even can be hard. Generally, you can give any flower on any occasion but you must keep in mind that the color of the flowers expresses different feelings on different events. Consider Burleigh flowers anytime you’re looking for some so that you can also receive professional advice on the type that will suit your purpose.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big day for lovers. It’s also a day for anyone to express their love for anyone they like. Red happens to be the color of passion and love. So, if you’re visiting Burleigh flowers to buy flowers for such a day, the red color will be your top choice of fresh flowers you buy to express your deep feelings to the special person. Some people even give tulip since it demonstrates that they are perfect lovers. Lilies and Daisies are other flowers that lovers choose on this day to show romance.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a crucial day that comes in every year and everyone is allowed to visit Burleigh flowers and other favorite florists to purchase flowers for their mothers to express their love and gratitude. Carnation flowers happen to be the flowers that are given to mothers since those early days. The colors chosen for this purpose include:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Red, etc.

People also give their mothers spring flowers. Nevertheless, pink carnations are considered to be suitable and they have come to represent love for the mother they have. But, if your mother loves any specific flowers, you’re free to visit Burleigh flowers and purchase those fresh ones to take to her.


Birthdays are also special days of joy and happiness. Visiting Burleigh flowers and selecting that signify exuberance and energy is wonderful in these days.


As you can see, there are different flowers and different colors for different occasions. Flowers for birthdays may not be appropriate for Mother’s Day. When you’re giving flowers to people you love you need them to perfectly express your feelings. The flowers are beautiful irrespective of the type you select, getting some advice from a professional seller like Burleigh flowers will ensure that you buy the perfect flowers for the particular occasion.

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