Dessert Boxes – Quick And Easy Holiday Desserts

Dessert Boxes – Quick And Easy Holiday Desserts

Looking for dessert boxes? When it comes to planning a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is the food that you take along with you and enjoy it during your travelling and on holiday as well. And what is a holiday without delicious dessert boxes? There we have listed a few simple yet stress-free dessert ideas that get prepared in no time and let you enjoy your holiday season.

Banana coconut cream pie:

In this recipe, you have to take two bananas. Slice them and prepare a graham cracker crust, and layer the bananas half on the bottom. After this, you have to take two instant vanilla pudding and prepare it following the directions mentioned on its package for pie filling.

Follow this, mix two cups of whipped topping into the filling of the pie. Spread half mixture over bananas and the remaining mixture layer on the bananas along with rest of pie filling. Garnish one cup of toasted coconut and place it in the freezer for about two hours.

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Mini pies:

In this recipe of preparing dessert boxes Gold Coast, you should use two prepared pie crusts and cut them in three-inch circles. After this, take a muffin cup and fit each pie crust into it. Make holes in the bottom of pies and bake them following the directions mentioned on the package.

Once the crust of the pie gets cooled, you have to fill it with assorted pudding flavours of your choice. You can either use package mix or prepare it using already prepared pudding flavours; the choice is yours. Decorate each pie with the topping of fresh fruit, sprinkles, nuts, honey, candies, or chocolate chips.

Mini tarts:

For preparing this type of dessert, you have to fill mini phyllo cups with whipped topping and the bottom with fresh fruits of your choice.

Parfait cups:

In this recipe of preparing dessert for holidays, you should layer berries and whipped topping in small plastic cups. And for making more formal or presenting it in a more formal way, you can use wine as well as cordial glasses for presenting this dessert.

Mini cheesecakes:

For this recipe, you should prepare a no-bake cheesecake mix following the directions mentioned on the package. But it is recommended that instead of making use of a pie plate, you should divide cheesecake mix evenly in 12 cupcake papers. Once you prepare a cheesecake mix, you can top it with pie filling, candy morsels, and fresh fruit. In this way, you can prepare dessert boxes for your holidays. For more information visit our Website

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